Broiler Layer Cage System Supplier In China – Big Herdsman

●All the mesh are made of aluminum-zinc wire, it is 3-4 times anti-corrosive than the hot galvanized ones. ●Slide cage door: act as a sliding grill, limited with plastic piece, easy for operation.It′s convenient for the birds in and out. ●The bottom mesh is mounted to the tensioned steel wire It′s with highe rflexibility, which reduce the egg breaking rate to the maximum. ●There are egg protecting baffle board at the inner side of feed trough, preventing the birds from pecking the eggs and at the same time, keep the manure froms plashing to the feed trough under. ●The bottom mesh and isolation mesh are fixed with nylon suspension piece, It′s anti-aging, with high intensity and good toughness. ●There is a V shape water trough under the water line which can keep the water from dripping to the conveyor belt. ●The feed trough is with high strength, people can stand on it to observe the feeding condition. The feed trough is with inner rim, so that the feed israrely wasted. ●C shape conveyor belt support, make sure the manure will not fall onthe equipment,keep the cage system clean.

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